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10,000 steps to a podcast…..

10,000 steps to a podcast…..

These boots are made for walking…

WOW! What an incredible fun-filled, busy, informative, action-packed two days at Accounting Business Expo, I have definitely done my 10,000 steps each day ( maybe more! ) after quite a few years now attending these types of events across the globe, I have learnt to leave the heels at home and don my comfy red sneakers!

#ABExpo was the first of it’s kind in Australia and the brainchild of Laura Venables ( National Media ) & Sholto MacPherson ( Digital First ). After a full year of planning, the execution of the event was fabulous and what in my mind my biggest takeaway was the connection of our industry community under one roof, traditionally we would have attended separate vendor events, but being able to connect under the one roof was simply smashing!

Community is my passion and having worked in the accounting profession for around 25 years, the ability to connect with eco-system partners not only from Australia but from other parts of the world, small business owners (one of my mentors just turned up at my own presentation which was a lovely surprise) accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors and others from the financial industry, was just such a valuable opportunity – also being able to connect with the online social community was fabulous!

Capturing the goodness at this event was something that Steve Major and I wanted to do as part of the Bookkeeper Revolution, so the LIVE podcast studio was set and we had the opportunity to capture incredible thought leadership content all in one place so that we could share this with others around the world, that is how the community rolls! The accounting industry has such an abundance mentality worldwide in supporting each other with knowledge and experience to help us grow and prosper and then extend this knowledge to your clients.

We heard from an array of guests, a big thankyou to Sophie Hossack, Peter Thorp, Steph Hinds, Debra Anderson, Richard McLean, Tracey Angwin, Matthew Prouse, Trent Innes, Jamie McDonald, Joanie Wang, Guy Pearson, David New, Matt Paff, Lielette Calleja, Trent McLaren, Simon Dennis, Greg Tuckwell, Jason Andrew, Matt Wilkinson, Leanne Berry, Darren McMahon , Dianne Oliver, Rhondallyn Korolok and our own Bookkeeper Revolution Global Ambassador Charles Klvana!

Events like this can be overwhelming with info and app overload, so the podcasts have been designed for you to take some time when suits you to listen to some of the fabulous content at your leisure..

So tune in at The Voice of the Revolution – podcast  and get your latest industry fix!



Mel & Steve  🙂


PS –  Here are some AWESOME tips from Steph Hinds post @ABExpo to start you on future proofing your business!

10,000 steps to a podcast    

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