Manifesto - The Revolutionary Firm
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Bookkeeper Revolution Manifesto 

Bookkeepers and Accounting Professionals around the world have a fantastic opportunity to transform small business. No longer are bookkeepers trapped in entering data. The Bookkeeper of Tomorrow is a Transformational Bookkeeper.

Please read our Declaration of Independence and join the revolution. Find out more about our program.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all value is subjective, the Customer is the sole arbiter of the Value which we as a Bookkeeper we create and that Bookkeepers the world over can Transform Small Business. To secure these Truths, it is the right of accounting professionals to institute new policies, practices and rules that shall seem most likely to effect their Professionalism, Dignity, Self-respect and happiness. 

It is the right, it is the duty to throw off the old traditions which are having pernicious effects.

Bookkeepers are no longer data enterers. Bookkeepers are data validators and data interpreters.

Signatories to this declaration of independence proclaim :-

  1. We will have the approach of a business owner, not just freelance contractor.
  2. We understand that our business is based on value, not time.
  3. We will price their services based on value. Time accounting has a history of repeated injuries and deleterious effects, all establishing a tyranny on the profession.
  4. We are committed to working with small businesses the world over to provide them with the information and insights to allow them to make smart decisions and in the transform the business. 
  5. We will harness the power of technology but remember it is only a tool. Our business is a Relationship business and the relationship is paramount. 
  6. We recognise our individuality and harness this to create unique businesses. Not just a commodity service. 
  7. We are dedicated to designing businesses that are fun and filled with happiness for all involved – customers, team members and owners.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Bookkeeper Revolution Community, do declare we are Free and Independent from the Tyranny of Past Traditions and have the full Power to Transform Small Businesses. 

Signed by and in Behalf of Bookkeeper Revolution,

MELANIE POWER – New South Wales, Australia

STEVEN MAJOR – Queensland, Australia