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Bookkeepers Unite Across the Ditch….

Bookkeepers Unite Across the Ditch….

Hamilton, New Zealand, Saturday 28th July 2018


There was movement on Facebook for the word had passed around

That Bookkeepers from across Nz & Au had got away,

And had joined the ICNZB – Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers conference- which was less than a thousand pound,

So all the Experts had gathered to the fray.

All the tried and noted bookies from practices near and far

Had mustered at the Distinction Hotel in Hamilton overnight

For the bookies love hard work and play where all the wild bookies are.

And the accountant snuffs the battle with delight.


There was Lisa Martin, who made her fame with #hugabookkeeper

The beautiful woman with hair as dark as coal

But few could stand beside her when her Sav Blanc in hand was up

She would go wherever bookkeeper and accountant could go.

And Di Crawford-Errington the president of ICNZB came down to lend a hand,

No better leader ever held the reins;

For never a bookkeeper could throw her whilst the single ledger girths would stand,

She learnt to ‘keep” while working in the land of the North Island of NZ…


“Credit Banjo Paterson’s Man From Snowy River”


I couldn’t resist a little parody of one of my favourite pieces of literature, especially as a reflection of my Aussie heritage within the mix of Kiwi culture and friendship. The wonderful community is incredibly supportive of not only their own, other bookkeepers, but of bookkeepers from all around the world.


The ICNZB started out quite a few years ago now with a group of local bookkeepers that were passionate about providing structure, education and most importantly a peer community to support and encourage new and current bookkeepers in business and industry. And now this grass roots community are leading their way for their profession with a global footprint as part of the ICB Global network. The executive of this association are all volunteer and many hours are put into contributing education. Members benefits, system infrastructure, mentoring and most of all an annual conference this is totally member focused and provides the opportunity for recognition of bookkeepers for their work during the year.


One of the most valuable and unique aspects that this awesome New Zealand team have pulled together is their community. Often in the bookkeeping profession it can get  a little isolating as we start out as sole operator, and even as firm owners, managing teams and being “on” all the time can actually be quite draining, so the ability to be able to connect and talk to other like minded people, in similar situations and that have similar goals is refreshing and also a good way to recharge the tank.  The community spirit within the NZICB structure is very inclusive and supportive, and one that I have always felt at home with and also made to feel very much part of the #family right from the very first time I engaged with them back in 2013.


This culture is a true testament to the original founders of the associations that the lovely Melanie Morris led back in along in 2010 with her executive team………


It’s been #revolutionary….l


My involvement in this event this year was around delivering my Revolutionary Firm session, “The Million Dollar Bookkeeper”, which is my favourite presentation at the moment. The purpose of this session is to really position to Bookkeepers that they are super valuable to Small Business and that there are a few key concepts around how you can create a business that you love to be in, love what you do and ultimately command the price you deserve for the value you deliver. This really resonated with the community as so many dropped past our stand to talk about how they absolutely believed they deliver exceptional value, but often do feel under appreciated for what they deliver.


And that’s what we are all about at The Revolutionary Firm – about helping bookkeepers have brilliant businesses…


And on that note, over those two days I was able to capture some fabulous stories from people in this community about WHY they do what they do and HOW they do it. So please tune in to our podcast to capture all the fabulous conversations.


From Gidday to Kia Ora,





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