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The REVOLUTION is here!

The Revolution birthed as an online global community in 2016 as a movement for advisors that want to throw away the chains of tradition and become Revolutionary firms and the open community is on a mission to connect 100,000 accounting and bookkeeping professional across the global by 2020 – and this has now developed into a highly successful educational program.


How can you get involved?

The Revolution is about people connecting with other people that are like minded. That means people that share things in common, which we believe is all about mindset. A mindset of advisors being in business to help other businesses transform.


Our Communities are open to all whom what to get started on this journey and you can interact within our own online group – it’s free, there is no membership, it’s just all about sharing, collaborating and supporting each other to be the best we can be and ultimately “pay it forward”.


So, what are you waiting for! Jump on in and join in the discussion.


You may also like to Read our Manifesto and Sign our Declaration of Independence which is all about breaking free from the chains of tradition and becoming Revolutionary in the way we do business.

Mel Power

Want to find out how you can start your own Revolutionary Journey?

Then book in a time to chat with Mel.