Kickstart for Bookkeepers - The Revolutionary Firm
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Kickstart for Bookkeepers

global bookkeeper week

FREE 4 Week Program


After spending many years in and around the accounting and bookkeeping profession, the Co-Founders of The Revolutionary Firm, Mel Power & Steve Major have worked with many accountants and bookkeepers around the world, helping them Command The Prices they Deserve for the Value they Deliver and transforming their businesses!

To celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week, they decided it was time to give back.

So they created a four-week program just for Bookkeepers, designed to cover four specific areas:

1 – Pricing

2 – Packaging

3 – Proposals

4 – Selling

The four key things that drive revenue and growth.

So what’s the cost?

So the monetary cost is nothing. It’s FREE!

The price we ask you to pay is to show up each week and commit to you and your business. Steve and Mel are prepared to show up and deliver live content to help support you on your business journey, we ask that you are prepared to invest 90 minutes each week into you. And do some homework!

This is what you get:

  • A live webinar each week with Mel & Steve and the opportunity to quiz them in a Q&A at each session.
  • A private Facebook Group for you to collaborate with Mel & Steve and other bookkeepers.
  • A workbook for the entire series plus some tools and templates.


The first session kicks off on Tuesday 20th November at 5pm NSW | 4pm QLD | 2pm WA | 7pm NZ  and then each Tuesday for the following 3 weeks.

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What we’ll cover

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