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What makes you different?

What makes you different?

Month of Marketing Webinar


In this webinar, Matt Wilkinson of Bizink will show you how to create a “unique selling point” for your firm. Every successful business has a point of difference. In this webinar you’ll learn how to find and communicate yours.

What you’ll Learn

  • How a “unique selling point” or USP is what will really grab your prospect’s attention
  • A formula for creating your USP
  • How to weave your USP into your marketing

Free for all attendees

Free download of a marketing plan workbook


Matt Wilkinson, Bizink

Matt Wilkinson

Date & Time

Monday 11th September, AEST: 8.30am | NZ: 10.30am

Sunday 10th September, PDT: 3.30pm | EDT: 6.30pm

If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the slides and recording.

You only need to register for Month of Marketing once, add your details to register for every event with one click.

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