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Month of Marketing

Month of Marketing

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?


The Revolutionary Firm and Bizink have joined forces to present Month of Marketing – a series of online workshops, expert content, practical guidance and Q&As to help bookkeepers and accountants build their businesses.

There’s some great prizes to be won, including the 12 month Revolutionary Firm programĀ  if you book a discovery call in September.

The Revolutionary Firm are running the From Prospect to Proposal stream which includes 4 online workshops:

  • Package Your Services
  • Command the Prices you Deserve
  • The Value Conversation
  • The Art of the Powerful Proposal

Each workshop will include a free resource to help you market your firm.

Registrations are now open so let September be the month where you grow your business!

You only need to register for Month of Marketing once, add your details to register for every event with one click. See you in September!

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