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Phone? What phone! Just Slack it To Me!

Phone? What phone! Just Slack it To Me!

It’s 2017 and technology has well and truly become embedded in our personal lives but has integrated into our business lives and literally transformed our daily workflows, the way we interact with others and do business.

I still remember as a kid the big deal over making a “trunk” or STD ( Australian Term, NOT something else… ) phone call to another state and that “you had to be quick as it costs $3.00 per minute and speaking loudly as sometimes the voice was faint or the line was bad.

How things have changed since the 70’s! ( I will let you work my age out… )

Only just this morning I delivered a webinar into Canada and then had a ZOOM meeting with 10 others from around AU & NZ  then USA.  The ease of how we can do global business now is mindblowing. We are only physically separated by water and with new Dreamliners and direct flights it’s even easier to navigate that barrier now as well!

Talking ‘Bout Tools

The language we use around how we communicate today is incredibly different to even 5 years ago. This has encompassed the tools we use on a day to day basis… Let’s have a quick comparison hey?

1980 – “I’ll call you when I get home or from the payphone, I just have to get change”

1994 – “Let me just get my mobile phone – “brick” oops I have to charge it from the wall”

2012 – “SMS” “I’ll Skype you” or “See you on the Webinar”

2017- “I’ll Slack, Zoom, SnapChat, Facebook, Whats App” you.

If you consider that in 1980 to make a phone call you actually had to plan it! Your location, the time, the day and also to make sure the other person would be on the other end to receive the call. Now – it’s instant! And to be honest, I don’t often know how I feel about that at times.

Instant Messaging and mobile phones do create an intrusion and one must be disciplined about disengaging to be in the present moment. ( I will admit I am a tech addict and love all the apps and gadgets and do have to work hard to disengage! )

But, the efficiency that these tools bring into our lives now is something we take for granted! We can DO more, achieve more ( again downside is distraction, getting of Facebook can be a challenge )

Efficiency Does it lead to Proficiency?

The ability that tech tools bring to us to create the holy grail of efficiency in our lives is the magic jigsaw puzzle for a lot of us! Which ones are best, which ones work with what, how do we get them integrated! Before we know it we are on APP OVERLOAD.

This is even worse when this occurs in our business. That’s when it’s time to put the brakes on. STOP! GO back to the whiteboard, Review your workflows, work out what is needed where and then re-implement.

Have a detox – let you and your business breath.

Having lots of apps doesn’t mean that we are actually proficient at the service we are providing, this is where the human factor comes in, our intellectual property, our life experiences that make up examples and stories we can share. The apps are meant to streamline the process to get up to that point where we can have the data and time to be able to focus on what’s important.

Change it Up!

The ecosystem of technology is well and truly embedded in our current culture and we have to appreciate that the reality is that some tasks that we may have done manually are simply no longer required ( however I still can’t warm to Siri even though she takes 2 Million task requests per day ).

The introduction of AI and Machine Learning into our everyday lives, and with the impending arrival of Blockchain it’s  time to think about what we need to do to really embrace the tech, change up our internal workflows, and think about how we can start to futureproof our business.

A perfect example of this is Amazon Echo which connects to the Alexa Voice Service. This cute little device can sit on your kitchen bench, and it simply is “at your service”. The Alexa currently is in 15% of households in the USA and is coming to Australia this year.*

One of the more interesting facts is that in the USA, 90,000 tax lodgements were made via this device.*

What does this mean for us as accounting professionals?

It’s time to gear up and futureproof. The most valuable asset we have is the relationship with our clients, it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is something that computers can’t replace… totally.

What can I do Right NOW?

Become a Revolutionary Firm – start on the journey and take the steps to Future Proofing Your Business.

Join myself and Steve Major for a discussion around how you can take these some steps to revolutionise your practice, transform the lives of the business owners you work with and also develop a profitable and lifestyle centric business for yourself along the way.

You can Register here

See you on Zoom…. Or just

Slack It To me…



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