#34 - Amreeta Abbott and Kylie Parker - Revolutionary Women - The Revolutionary Firm
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#34 – Amreeta Abbott and Kylie Parker – Revolutionary Women

#34 – Amreeta Abbott and Kylie Parker – Revolutionary Women

Amreeta Abbott of Now Infinity and Kylie Parker and Lotus Accountants join Mel Power and Matt Wilkinson on the official podcast at the Accounting Business Expo.

Technology is only just a small piece of the equation. It facilitates better conversations. Technology only does so much, it’s just one piece. The conversations are the important part.

We loved talking to Amreeta and Kylie about their inspirational stories and experiences.

Their tips for accountants and bookkeepers:

A lot of them are told or know they are not proactive, but if you do something that’s not asked for, there is sometimes a question about payment. Fixed fee arrangement will take away some of that angst. Be flexible.

The key is to listen.

You can’t choose what happens to you but you can choose your reaction.

We appreciate the ladies sharing their stores so openly with us today.


Amreeta – Now Infinity



Kylie – Lotus Accountants





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We’d like to thank Matt Wilkinson of Bizink for co-hosting the podcast with us at the Accounting Business Expo. We partner closely with Bizink because we love the work they do helping accountants and bookkeepers with their websites and online marketing. bizinkonline.com

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