#33 - The Ladies of Rev Firm - Real Life Business Stories - The Revolutionary Firm
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#33 – The Ladies of Rev Firm – Real Life Business Stories

#33 – The Ladies of Rev Firm – Real Life Business Stories

Sarah Stein, Brooke Arnott and Jen Pryor joined Mel Power and Matt Wilkinson on the podcast at the Accounting Business Expo.

All these ladies are members of the Rev Firm Program and they spoke to us about their experiences.

We asked them what it was that led them to join the program.

Brooke felt she needed to change and needed some guidance as to how to do it.

Within 6 weeks of the Rev Firm program Brooke gained her biggest client ever, turned her business around and changed her business mindset.

Jen has run her business for 7 years and has many coaches in the past without much progress.

She says Mel and Steve know how her business ticks, and it’s been a massive change for her even in such a short time. The intensive 6 week program was valuable for Jen as it really got her business moving quickly and the results came in quickly as well.

Sarah has been in business for 16 years and has done just about everything – sole trader, franchising, employing staff…

She says the industry is so loud, noisy and busy and there is just so much information out there. She didn’t know where to turn or who to listen to. Sarah says the accountability of the Rev Firm program has really helped her stay on track.

Steve and Mel have really highlighted for them how they can utilise what they are learning in the program with their own clients.

Their advice to all listeners is to embrace change and encourage your clients to do so as well.. Ride the wave or end up being drowned by it.

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We’d like to thankĀ Matt Wilkinson of Bizink for co-hosting the podcast with us at the Accounting Business Expo. We partner closely with Bizink because we love the work they do helping accountants and bookkeepers with their websites and online marketing. Check outĀ bizinkonline.com for help with your online marketing.

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