#74 - Jacqui Cubis - Offshoring Myths Busted - The Revolutionary Firm
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#74 – Jacqui Cubis – Offshoring Myths Busted

#74 – Jacqui Cubis – Offshoring Myths Busted

The fabulous Jacqui Cubis of “About Business” joins Mel on the show today to bust the myths of offshoring.

Jacqui has been a leader in the bookkeeping space with modelling her business using the structure of offshoring to do the grunt work and using her localised skilled team to be client facing and deliver high value and concierged client services.

She is definitely channelling the Revolutionary Firm values.


Offshoring the Hot Topic; Jacqui’s Advice for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Mel asks Jacqui WHY she decided to use the offshoring model. Jacqui explains that she had continual issues with local staff turnover and found herself having to pick up the “on the tools work” herself, and she simply just didn’t have the time to do it, and was losing her ability to do what important; family.

“It’s about having the offshoring team to do the grunt and have the BAS Agents in Australia being 100% client focused and delivering what their skill set allows them to do”

“Having your team skilled up offshore is vital, it’s all about training your team in the way YOU want things to be done. It gets down to systems. I hear so many Bookkeepers saying that offshoring doesn’t work, and the reality is that it gets down to systems. If you don’t have systems in place then your staff won’t be able to do the job whether in house of off-shore”

How do you explain to your clients you are offshoring?

Be transparent. Tell the clients. Put your systems in place.

You have to have clients that are willing to follow your process and also explain to your clients the process. Allow them to get their head around the mind hurdle. The reality is that security if the offshoring team is far better than what you often see in practices in Australia.


Back End – what tech do you need?

Jacqui explains that they use tech stacks comprising of Practice Protect, Karbon, The Outsourced Accountant  and Receipt Bank


Jacqui’s tips if you’re fearful of client engagement

Just be transparent. Explain the system.

Back yourself and your business model and also step through the security features ( we recommend The Outsourced Accountant model here )

Just go for it and take the opportunity to grow and revolutionise your business.


Connect with Jacqui and find out more about About Business Bookkeeping



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