#17 - Clayton Oates - The role of the bookkeeper - The Revolutionary Firm
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#17 – Clayton Oates – The role of the bookkeeper

#17 – Clayton Oates – The role of the bookkeeper

Mel Power and Steve Major interview Clayton Oates from QA Business about the role of the bookkeeper. 

An important role for bookkeepers of the future is to be the Trusted Technology Identifier. This means identifying the appropriate set of technology solutions for a target client base.

From there the next step is then to move into the implementer role.

What is the customer looking for? Understand the solutions they are looking for.

IData entry is gone. Redundancy not irrelevance..  How to make yourself redundant is an important mindset.

nvest in learning. You are growing or going.

Future role of bookkeepers in the advisory space – some are more comfortable than others, there will be some constraints around what advice they can provide and how they can add value to the accounting profession?

Learn, do, teach process

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