#30 - Debbie Mirisch - The Revolutionary Firm
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#30 – Debbie Mirisch

#30 – Debbie Mirisch

Steve Major and Mel Power of the Revolutionary Firm are joined by Debbie Mirisch of Biz Synergy.

Deb has over 25 years experience in accounting. For 20 years of that, she worked in Accounting Practices where she quickly became a Senior Accountant and Manager.  She loves to help business owners streamline the financial side of their business. After spending a lot of time in Accounting practices seeing clients at tax time, she saw the need for help for businesses closer to the ground roots.

In 2013 she began her own practice providing Bookkeeping and Internal Management Accounting services to SME’s.

Deb’s business is based in Maitland, a regional center in NSW, Australia. 

Deb and her team recently won Bookkeeping Partner of the Year at Xerocon Melbourne 2017. Deb joined us to talk about her journey in her business and what the future holds. 

Deb is also part of the Revolutionary Firm program.  In the time that we have been working together, Deb has already been able to see huge success in moving from hourly billing to value pricing, creating packages and nailing her niche. Find out more about our program.

In this episode hear the inspiring journey of Deb and her team at Biz Synergy. 

Deb’s website – bizsynergy.com.au

Huge thanks to Receipt Bank for supporting our podcast. Check out effortless bookkeeping at receipt-bank.com


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