#28 - Don Grgic - Business Boost - The Revolutionary Firm
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#28 – Don Grgic – Business Boost

Don Grgic

#28 – Don Grgic – Business Boost

Don Grgic of Business Boost Centre joins Steve Major & Mel Power of The Revolutionary Firm on the podcast.

Don Grgic is the founder of Business Boost Centre, bringing cost-effective back-office solutions to independent businesses. This is Don’s latest venture, channelling his dedication to entrepreneurship and leadership in the retail sector. Boost Centre draws on Don’s experience over more than 10 years building Furniture Direct Warehouse into one of Canberra’s most successful independent furniture retailers.

Before Furniture Direct, Don established a national training organisation – Technical Skills Australia – and founded one of Canberra’s first specialist computer cabling companies. He also knows how big business works, from senior project management roles with Telstra, Advantra and Qantas. Don also served in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Show Notes

Technology and the industry are changing and we need to get onboard with it. 

Run the business as a micro project – 12 micro projects for each client.

The key to these projects is understanding the scope of deliverables. It is a scope of deliverable not a scope of work. It is not about effort – it is about deliverable.

It is a people business. Talk to people. it is a relationship business. 

Opportunity for bookkeeping – need to spend the time to work on the business.

Where value is putting tools together to deliver effective processes.

Stop looking at yourself as a bookkeeper or accountant. 

Look for opportunities to build the business.

Business is a journey. Don’t overthink it – just do it. Must move to value pricing. 

Website – boostcentre.com.au

Linkedin – Don Grgic

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