Signature Program - The Revolutionary Firm
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Signature Program

So you made it here! Fantastic! That means you are already on the Revolutionary Journey! The reason that we (Steve & Mel) created the program is that we saw some problems that needed a solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

From many years in and around the profession they found there were 3 major missing elements!

Most firm’s don’t have…

  1. A focused product offering
  2. Clear methodology
  3. And understand HOW to communicate value.

We also identified that small businesses have four significant problems that advisors weren’t often providing solutions for;

Most Small Businesses need to…

  1. Make informed decisions about growing their business
  2. Achieve better cash flow
  3. Understand what the numbers mean
  4. Refine their processes

So, The Revolutionary Firm program is all about connecting these two things together and helping the advisor create a solid foundation for their own business and then preparing them with solutions to help the small business owner create their own solid foundation. It’s a “pay it forward” process… one that transforms the lives of both the advisor and the Small business owner.


So what does the program look like… make sure you watch the video below as this will tell you what you need to now about the program and also WHY you need to book in a time to chat with us.



Steve Major

Want to find out how you can start your own Revolutionary Journey?

Then book in a time to chat with Mel or Steve.