Program - The Revolutionary Firm
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Join us to find out more about the Revolutionary Firm Program

We work with progressive bookkeepers and accountants who want to create a Revolutionary Firm. This is a twelve month intensive program which is not for everybody. In the first 6 weeks, there are 12 sessions to really kickstart the development of your firm. In addition to this, there is Business Accelerator, 1 to 1 Mentoring Session, Monthly Group Online Education, Private Community, Tools, Templates & Processes, and an Accountability System.
Following are the topics we cover:-

  1. Niche + Product
  2. Designing your packages
  3. Implementing Value Pricing
  4. Value Conversations + Running a meeting
  5. Build a Lead Machine
  6. Putting together Proposals
  7. Onboarding Process
  8. Dominating your niche
  9. Effective Workflow
  10. Transforming Small Business
  11. Analysing a Business
  12. Creating a Community

To find out more about the structure of the program and whether it is right for you, book a time below to have a chat.

revolutionary firm

"To say that I am over the moon is putting it lightly!"

"I signed up in June and had 3 great things happen in 1 week because of Mel & Steve. I met with an existing client, proposed 3 packages and they chose our middle package (approx 25% increase). They are taking a discount for 12 mths upfront payment, that's $20k plus off my overdraft! To say that I am over the moon is putting it lightly!

I met with a prospect for Xero setup + rescue and took the opportunity to pitch for ongoing work. I felt they were limited with cashflow so I offered an incentive on the setup. They agreed at the higher price!

I reached out to a client I'd love to work with & he agreed to meet! That job alone could bring in $15k to $25k p.a. What I am doing with Steve and Mel works. I am so pumped right now to roll this out and today's win takes the pressure off cashflow wise. Access to these guys has been invaluable to me. If you are sitting on the fence - please do yourself a favor and take the leap of faith and engage with Mel & Steve. They know what they are doing!"

Deb Mirisch, Biz Synergy