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Steve Major

Steve Major

Steve is dedicated to helping accounting professionals to transform their businesses. Steve is known for Pioneering Ideas, Radical Insights and Untraditional Solutions. Steve is loves finding better ways to do things and has been described as a little avant-garde.


Since 2007, Steve Major has worked with bookkeepers and accountants around the world to help them unlock the value within their firms.


Accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses have the opportunity to transform small businesses around the globe. Small businesses are the engine room or growth and prosperity for society. It is this fact that drives him to work with accountants and advisory businesses to help them transform small business.


Steve qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then opened his own accounting practice. This practice was built around providing businesses not just tax and accounting services, but also helping them build great businesses. The accounting practice was sold to focus purely on helping professional service firms unlock the real value.


Steve is a family man, a cricket tragic and likes to dabble with photography (including his new toy – a drone!)

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Mel Power

Mel Power

Mel Power is a co-founder of The Revolutionary Firm. Mel has been in the accounting profession since 1994 starting out as a trainee tax accountant in regional NSW. Mel has built two consecutive practices built from inception to succession and is most well known for her journey from zero to a million dollar firm in 12 months as a sole operator in 2012 with a few key team members. Mel has been involved in small business since she was 19 and has had several different ventures alongside her accounting firms being involved in electronic servicing, IT & software consulting, as well as a thriving motorcycle dealership and finance brokerage which won the No. 1 dealership of its type in Australia in 2011.  Mel is incredibly passionate about helping small business transform to achieve freedom and profitability in business and lifestyle.


Mel’s particular passion is the bookkeeping profession and as part of this journey she has championed this part of the industry for Xero in Australia as their Head Of Bookkeeping, establishing a thriving online community and also developing and delivering the highly successful Grow Your Practice Program for the Xero community in Australia in 2015.


The Revolution birthed as an online global community in 2016 as a movement for advisors that want to throw away the chains of tradition and become revolutionary firms and the open community is on a mission to connect 100,000 accounting and bookkeeping professional across the global by 2020 – and this has now developed into a highly successful educational program.


Mel is a regular industry speaker at events all across the globe, being featured in major industry events such as Accountex USA, ICB UK, IPBC Canada, Xerocon Australia & USA, Accounting Business Expo.


Mel is also a huge supporter of women entrepreneurs and is a Global Ambassador for the #ifshecanIcan Inspiring Rare Birds supporting women in business.


Mel enjoys reading and writing (as a regular published author), playing music (bass guitar and piano), riding her motorbike, appreciating fine dining and wine experiences, loves horses, shoes, her cat and most of all spending time with her 3 boys.


“Live in the moment and with passion” is her motto!

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Mel Power

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