Revolutionaries - The Revolutionary Firm
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Mel Power

Melanie Power has a passion for small business and the people who keep small businesses running: the bookkeepers.

Since 1992, Mel has built a high profile career as an accountant and business owner.

Now the preeminent voice for female accounting professionals in Australia, she has also emerged as a leading influencer in the bookkeeping industry. Mel has been active in the bookkeeping space in her role as head of bookkeeping for Xero.





Steve Major

Steve is dedicated to helping accounting professionals to transform their businesses. Steve is known for Pioneering Ideas, Headshot-230x300 AboutRadical Insights and Untraditional Solutions. Steve is known for better ways of doing things, originality being plugged into what is going on. Maybe you could say a little avant-garde.

Since 2007 Steve Major has worked with firms around the world to help them unlock the value within.

Accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses have the opportunity to transform small businesses around the globe. Small businesses are the engine room or growth and prosperity for society. It is this fact that drives me to work with accountants and advisory businesses to help them transform small business. 

 Steve qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then opened his own accounting practice. This practice was built around providing businesses not just tax & accounting services but also helping them great businesses. The accounting practice was sold to focus purely on helping professional service firms unlock the real value.