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Thank you to the Bizink team!

Thank you to the Bizink team!

Powerful websites and online marketing tools for accountants and bookkeepers.


We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Matt Wilkinson of Bizink for joining us at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney last week. Matt kindly filled in for Steve Major as a co-host of The Revolutionary Firm podcast and he did a fantastic job!

We are proud to partner with Bizink as they help accountants and bookkeepers with their websites, content and online marketing.

Some of our favourite features of their website service include:

  • Blog posts written for you (because they understand you’re busy!)
  • Partner Content and Resources from software providers like Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB that’s embedded into your site (keeps visitors from leaving your site)
  • Email Marketing software baked into the backend of the website (and they write the email templates for you as well!)


Working with Bizink is a big win for your firm! We highly recommend you book in for an online demo to see how Bizink can help you get more leads in less time.

Check out their website: https://bizinkonline.com

Catch up on all the podcasts here


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