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The Voice of the Revolution is LIVE!

The Voice of the Revolution is LIVE!

The Voice of the Revolution is LIVE!

The Voice of the Revolution is now LIVE with the first ever Podcast discussion with #TheRev founders Steve Major & Mel Power discussing what this global movement is all about and how bookkeepers are VITAL as partners to business owners.

WHY Bookkeeper Revolution?

Having been a bookkeeper for 25 years, Mel really felt the need for a global movement to connect bookkeepers together, support and make a stand on shouting to the rooftops about how important this function is and as a community together take the journey to transforming their business’ one by one to be incredibly effective, efficient and profitable enterprises that are committed to the success of business owners.

Steve Major,  30 plus years working in the accounting, engineering and legal fields ( as well as a few others but he can tell the story, make sure you tune into that podcast ) has been committed to working with business all over the globe and is particularly passionate about the topic of pricing and this has evolved into the recent birth of the Pricing For Bookkeeper series.

So How Can You Be A Revolutionist?

Check out our Manifesto on our Website which is a Declaration of Independence about you committing to yourself and joining others on the journey of Transforming your Practice and breaking free of the traditional business model. You can Join our Online Communities on Facebook and Linkedin.

Tune in to the very first episode of The Voice Podcast and listen in to Mel & Steve share their passion and commitment to championing this profession!

Don’t forget to add this podcast to your ITunes and listen in for our LIVE broadcast from Accounting Business Expo Sydney next week with special guests such as Steph Hinds. Lilette Calleja, Leanne Berry and Matt Prouse popping into the LIVE studio setup to share their industry insights and tips and tricks!

You can follow us on Twitter @bookkeeperrev #Accounting Expo to keep up with all the action

Join The Revolution Today!

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